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What Should We Pay Attention To In Purchasing Jute Ash Yarn?
Jun 15, 2018

What should we pay attention to in purchasing jute ash yarn?

The cotton yarn products on the market are numerous and varied. According to what criteria, it is the most important to choose the linen grey yarn suitable for the product. Should we pay attention to the price, function or quality of cotton yarn? According to the little editor, the quality of the product is the key.

It is understandable that most enterprises want to earn high profits at low cost. But we should not buy the Pearl and lose the quality of the product. The quality of linen grey yarn is good enough to ensure customer satisfaction. Of course, if we can control the production cost under the premise of ensuring the quality of products, it is the best of both worlds. Shang Shande will provide you with the quality guarantee of the linen grey yarn, the preferential price.

Products: polyester viscose T/R jute ash yarn 5# is polyester and less sticky jute ash yarn. Viscose is selected from domestic viscose production enterprises, Tangshan, and other kinds of viscose, mixed with black and white polyester fiber and black and white. Using mature and advanced production technology and technology equipment, after eight procedures, production of fine quality polyester viscose ash yarn.

As a professional jute grey yarn manufacturer, we adopt mature technology, have skilled technology, aim at the requirements of customers, constantly improve the production process, stabilize the quality of the products, meet the customers of different needs, expand the sales coverage, and win the market.

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