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The Common Nouns Of Yarn
Jun 15, 2018

Yarn twist -- the number of twists in the unit length. There are Z twisting and S twisting.

Carpenter (combed) - yarns that are only woven through one carding machine during spinning.

Combing - yarns used for combing the ends of the fibers in the spinning process have less impurities and more straight fibers.

Blended yarn -- yarn formed by mixing two or two different properties of fibers.

Gauze -- the index used to indicate the fineness of yarn, mainly consists of British count, metric count, special number and denier number.

Single spun yarn directly from the spinning frame will disperse as soon as it is untwisted.

Strands - two or more yarns and twisted together for short lines.

Sewing thread -- a generic term for stitched products such as garments.

New spinning - a new spinning method of relative and traditional ring spinning, one end of spinning process is free end, such as airflow spinning, friction spinning, yarn without twist, but tangled together.

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