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Stability Of Cotton Yarn Quality And Heterosexual Fiber
Jun 15, 2018

Stability of cotton yarn quality and heterosexual fiber

The heterosexual fiber has the characteristics of less content, great harm and uncertainty. It is difficult to remove in processing. It can form various yarn defects and color defects on the cloth surface, reduce the production efficiency and price of the products, and cause great loss to the textile enterprises.

From the present situation of the cotton processing enterprises in China, the control of the hetero fiber is not yet ideal. At present, the way to remove the fiber from the cotton spinning plant is the artificial picking, the clear flower installation of the different fiber scavenging machine, the collaterals with the different fiber detection function, and auxiliary to the meticulous and meticulous manual process.

The main reason for the chromatic aberration is the difference between the color and the absorption rate of the fiber caused by the large difference of the maturity of the raw cotton, and the difference in the dyeing of the cotton. Therefore, the cotton spinning plant should not only test and control the average maturity of the cotton fiber, but also test and control the immature fiber content and the immature fiber with the maturity coefficient less than 0.5. The vitamin content should be controlled within 14%.

Generally, the bleaching billets can be used as raw cotton with low maturity and low maturity, while the dyeing billet needs to use the raw cotton with better maturity. Because of the shortage of cotton resources, the cotton resources in our country have many countries, and the cotton performance in different parts of the country is very different. The mixing effect of the flower flow process is more difficult to achieve even. In the selection of raw materials, we should try to adopt the cotton with concentrated production and similar performance. For cotton with relatively large difference in performance, the cotton can be premixed and added to realize the mixing and uniformity, and the conditional enterprises can also try the single mark spinning yarn.

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