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Analysis of the quality control points of cotton yarn
Jun 15, 2018

Analysis of the quality control points of cotton yarn

In recent years, China's cotton ring spinning spindles have maintained sustained, rapid and steady development.

Where is the crux of the quality fluctuation of cotton yarn?

The rapid expansion of the total production of cotton yarn, the market competition intensifies, making the cotton yarn always in the buyer's market; the spinning raw material has become the shortage of resources, in the seller's market, the quality is difficult to guarantee, the market regulation and control result in the price falling too much. The automation and high speed of the dyeing and dyeing enterprise demands more stringent requirements on the physical properties of yarn. With the improvement of people's living standard, the quality requirements of home textile products are also getting higher and higher.

Cotton yarn is the intermediate between textile fiber and fabric. It is not only to overcome the contradiction between the quality and cost caused by the fluctuation of raw materials, but also meet the quality requirements of the weaving and dyeing process. In the face of such market demand, the production of yarn must be adapted to the market.

Because of the different fabric structure and processing equipment process, there are different descriptions and emphasis on the exposure of cotton yarn during the weaving and dyeing process, but it can still be summarized as eight aspects: yarn stability, heterosexual fiber, chromatic aberration, unevenness of strips, coarse and fine sections, neps, Mao Yu and strength.

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