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Performance Characteristics Of Different Fiber Fabrics
Jun 15, 2018

Performance characteristics of different fiber fabrics

(1) hemp fibers are characterized by high strength, high rigidity, strong moisture absorption and quick moisture release. The shortcoming is that the elasticity and the extension are small. The woven fabrics are stiff and breathable, easy to absorb sweat from the human body and distribute quickly.

(2) chemical fiber: at present, there are a wide variety of products and develop rapidly. The use of a more extensive number of the following.

Viscose fiber: the property is close to cotton, but the strength is less than the cotton, especially the wet strength is low, the extension is large and the recovery is small, the stiffness is small, the feeling is soft, the hygroscopicity is strong, the air permeability is good, and the dyeability is good. Therefore, viscose fabric is soft, bright and bright, and has good drapability. The shortcoming is the lack of body bone and the sense of "wandering". It is easy to wrinkle deformation, high shrinkage and poor dimensional stability.

Polyester fiber: strong strength, good elasticity, strong abrasion resistance, high initial modulus, good rigidity and strong deformation recovery ability during stretching. Polyester fabric is durable, elastic, stable in size, firm in fastness and excellent in crease resistance. The disadvantage is poor moisture absorption, easy to generate static electricity, fabric easy to stain, poor ventilation, wearing sultry. But it is easy to wash, fast drying, and ironing. It has the reputation of "wash and wear".

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