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How Much Do You Know About The Cotton Yarn?
Jun 15, 2018

How much do you know about the cotton yarn?

The unevenness of the strip is the first index to determine the grade of cotton yarn. The fabric with uniform yarn is smooth and smooth, with a fine touch, and it can be dyed well (colourful and brightly coloured), and the fabric can have a better appearance.

Especially those decorative light and thin fabrics, the evenness of cotton yarn evenness is very high, the average dry CV value reaches the level of 25% in 2001, that is to meet the requirement of the quality of the cloth surface. The low grade raw material spinning high quality yarn is only reflected in the improvement of some indexes, but can not improve the yarn grade because of the yarn's color, strength and extension. The main characteristics of long and so on depend largely on fiber properties.

Therefore, according to the yarn characteristic of the fabric, the rational selection of raw materials and making the economical yarn are the important research subject of the gauze mill. Too much emphasis on the strip dry, the use of critical process can cause the increase of ingot difference and the high demand for the equipment.

For example, the mechanical wave caused by the excessive pulling force, which is caused by the abnormal factors such as the torsional vibration of the roller and the pause of the spun ring, seriously affects the dry value of the strip. Although the average value is improved, the dry dispersion increases, which causes the difference of the cloth surface. The spinning machine should adopt cotton bolls without mechanical polla.

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