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Esting Principle Of Single Yarn Strength And Extension Performance
Jun 15, 2018

esting principle of single yarn strength and extension performance

One end of the test sample is clamped on the upper clamp of the CRE type electronic single yarn strength instrument, and the other end is clamped with the lower clamp with the standard pretension. At the same time, the sample is stretched by the speed of 100% distance (relative to the original length of the sample) until the specimen is broken. Due to the tight combination of the clamp and the force sensor, the force sensor converts the force on the upper clamp into the corresponding voltage signal, and then is amplified by the amplifying circuit for A/D conversion. Finally, the converted digital signal is sent to the computer for processing. The instrument can record the technical indexes such as breaking strength and breaking elongation of each test. After the test, the data processing system will give all the statistical values of all the technical indicators (the working principle flow of the instrument is shown in Figure 2). After the instrument is connected to the computer, it can also increase a number of test functions, and display, map and record the whole process of tension in real time. It can realize the long-term storage of data and graphics, and is more conducive to network management.

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