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Cotton Yarn Quality Control Points Analysis Of The Stability Of Cotton Yarn
Jun 15, 2018

Cotton yarn quality control points analysis of the stability of cotton yarn.

The quality of cotton yarn is related to the quality of all subsequent products. It is very important to choose a good cotton yarn manufacturer. Shang Shande pays attention to the quality of cotton yarn:

Quality fluctuation eventually affects the consistency of fabric quality and brings trouble to customer delivery. Quality index is the main reference standard for yarn stability. The mill organizes production according to the quality standard provided by the user and keeps the index within the acceptable control range of the user. Take technical measures or rationally adjust the composition of cotton blending.

Some customers do not ask for the quality requirements, sample test weaving is needed, after confirmation, the corresponding internal control standards and then batch production. Avoid blind delivery, so as to avoid quality deviation, resulting in economic losses. The batch number of different dyeing needs to replay, to dye factory belt trouble.

Cotton textile enterprises should keep the raw materials with the same sources, consistent processing standards and close performance in a long period of time, in order to reduce the batch number, meet the needs of the large single customers, and strive for a long and pleasant cooperation with good service.

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